Monday, March 12, 2012

3月7日 Birthday Kimono!

Last week was my birthday so of course I was going to wear kimono. I had recently gotten a wool kimono ensemble with woven flowers, and with spring in the air I wanted to try it out.

I`m just gonna come downstairs and use this mirror for all kimono shots lol

butterfly obi
with matching haori

So it can`t be birthday without cake right! Treated myself to a french patisserie in Kitashinchi.

Yes I brought the candle myself...

chocolate caramel and raspberry

I also got my hair set! I love those set salons I wish they could do my hair everyday...

Hair set makes a big difference!
serious expression is serious

best I could do of a back shot

Anyway after work I went drinking and the bar master made me mini sushi!

So cute!
Nom nom nom
 Things did get pretty debauched after that, suffice to say I ended up passed out in a karaoke.

にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ 着物・和装へ


  1. Congratulations and just love that kimono... : )

    1. Thank you! They remind me of tulips but they`re so fuzzy they could be anything yellow and roundish lol

  2. Been thinking about firefly in the night background flying among grasses, but that's just my impression to your wool kimono ^w^.