Sunday, February 26, 2012


I promised myself I wouldn`t do kitsuke practice until after I had finished writing my student reports, a task I loath. It was 8pm by the time I finished so I was in half a mind to skip this week but meh I`m a night owl.

I had found this hanhaba obi with ume motif so I decided to wear that because the ume are just about coming into season. Ume are my favourite blooms, but I have no plans to go see them this year so I thought I should wear the obi while I can.
My friend: lol the derp face fits, look like some sleazy yet classy bordello runner

obi detail
I chose shocking pink because it`s the pink I love ume for. The glittery ribbon is actually a hair elastic, but hey it matches.

 Another quick han eri from Tokyu Hands` wonderful wonderful off cuts tables. All the colours of the rainbow with as many designs as you can imagine, big enough that when you cut in half and stitch back together again in a strip, you get funky han eri!

I need to sew a popper onto that collar, and the black obi doesn`t picture well in that lighting does it. My hanhaba tsunodashi needs work.

But quite happy with this ensemble, that kimono with it`s neutral colours and abstract non seasonal flowers make it very versitile. When I first recieved it I thought the flowers made it too girly for me but it`s really grown on me. Funny how your opinion of a kimono can change once you try it out.

にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ 着物・和装へ


  1. So cute and I love Ribbon Obidome!!

    1. Thanks! I like using any randy thing for obidome XD

  2. That was a nice ensemble. The obi can complement the busy komon. Pink gave a really cute touch to the whole coordination without feeling to much. I love it ^w^.