Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 Day Event 5 Outfits

So my work had it`s 7 year anniversary, which meant a 5 day event. We`re should dress up and so I thought, rather than having to find 5 party dresses I`d just wear wafuku. Daily kimono wear, what could be better right?!!  

Monday - Day 1

This is navy blue and yellow striped kimono with orange butterfly obi. How very iki tied low obi right? Well actually because I didn`t tie the obi tight enough, it was very loose. But it looks better low right but then tightening it makes it go higher around my waist rather than hips so well it`s gonna have to be one of those things I experiment with.

 Hand made eri! I painted that with acrylics.
With my ever faithful naga bouri cos it was still cold in March!

Tuesday - Day 2

Yellow, Red and Blue striped komon, with bird motif nagoya obi. And the ever faithful pink obijime and obiage! And omg it`s sunlight!

 Oh no floppy otaiko QQ
 Never mind, Haori covers all sins!

Close up of my hand painted eri! I was too lazy to change it from yesterday lol.

Wednesday - Day 3

Well I actually didn`t have a great night after work, and I got very very inebriated. That kimono needed some attention in the morning and I rescued it.

Today is abstract black white and red flower komon with pokadot hanhaba obi.

 Red han-eri with sakura but you can`t see that.
 I went for hanhaba cos I wanted an easy night what with the hang over....ahem...

And I wore a scarf because I um forgot my haori at the bar I was drinking at last night >_> But I picked it up after work. Kind of cow pattern scarf lol.

Thursday - Day 4

I wanted to go for a `girly` kinda outfit so my most girly flowery black poly orchid kimono, I figured the easiest obi to match with it would be a white obi. Not letting up on the girlyness it`s the hot pink obiage and obijime.

 Maybe slight improvements in my otaiko as the week went on.....very slight lol.

Friday - Day 5

Omg finally. So the last day I had planned to wear my one peacock houmongi with my peacock fukuro obi but I was just like nah, I`ll wear one of my longer kimonos so dressing isn`t going to be a pain in the ass.

You can`t see the colours so well in the artificial light, it`s actually a dark blue with some kind of plant motif.

 My best otaiko!! Oh it`s an easy obi nevermind :P

Gasp not hot pink obiage!! But well blue and orange classic contrast colours.

And that`s it! By the end of the week I was wafukued out, I mean I had kimono stuff everywhere and can you imagine the folding I had to do. 

So which day does everyone like best?? 

I think I liked either Tuesday or Friday best, they both have seem kind of simple chic which is good for the party atmosphere.

But it`s been a long enough break I need to do some kitsuke soon!

Monday, March 12, 2012

3月7日 Birthday Kimono!

Last week was my birthday so of course I was going to wear kimono. I had recently gotten a wool kimono ensemble with woven flowers, and with spring in the air I wanted to try it out.

I`m just gonna come downstairs and use this mirror for all kimono shots lol

butterfly obi
with matching haori

So it can`t be birthday without cake right! Treated myself to a french patisserie in Kitashinchi.

Yes I brought the candle myself...

chocolate caramel and raspberry

I also got my hair set! I love those set salons I wish they could do my hair everyday...

Hair set makes a big difference!
serious expression is serious

best I could do of a back shot

Anyway after work I went drinking and the bar master made me mini sushi!

So cute!
Nom nom nom
 Things did get pretty debauched after that, suffice to say I ended up passed out in a karaoke.

にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ 着物・和装へ

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I promised myself I wouldn`t do kitsuke practice until after I had finished writing my student reports, a task I loath. It was 8pm by the time I finished so I was in half a mind to skip this week but meh I`m a night owl.

I had found this hanhaba obi with ume motif so I decided to wear that because the ume are just about coming into season. Ume are my favourite blooms, but I have no plans to go see them this year so I thought I should wear the obi while I can.
My friend: lol the derp face fits, look like some sleazy yet classy bordello runner

obi detail
I chose shocking pink because it`s the pink I love ume for. The glittery ribbon is actually a hair elastic, but hey it matches.

 Another quick han eri from Tokyu Hands` wonderful wonderful off cuts tables. All the colours of the rainbow with as many designs as you can imagine, big enough that when you cut in half and stitch back together again in a strip, you get funky han eri!

I need to sew a popper onto that collar, and the black obi doesn`t picture well in that lighting does it. My hanhaba tsunodashi needs work.

But quite happy with this ensemble, that kimono with it`s neutral colours and abstract non seasonal flowers make it very versitile. When I first recieved it I thought the flowers made it too girly for me but it`s really grown on me. Funny how your opinion of a kimono can change once you try it out.

にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ 着物・和装へ

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Kimono

Well of course I had to do a valentines cord for work. I kinda had to do it based around red as the main colour.

Although the actual day was a bit of a disaster because it was raining and I was debating whether to dress at home and go by train or go by bicycle and get dressed at work. In the end I packed it all up and lugged it in. NEVER AGAIN it`s such a pain and guess what, I forgot one tabi and my zori so I had to wear my gaga heels.

On to the outfit!

I found a dark reddish iromuji, and the silk is so soft I was surprised when I first touched it.


Just as I finished getting dressed, like literally tucking in my obiage customers arrived so I couldn`t get before pictures. And then after I saw my camera had no battery anyway so just keitai shots. :/

Heart han-eri, and black lace date eri.

My back shot sucks but there was a reason why I wore that obi. I actually had ordered a hanhaba obi with hearts on but it didn`t arrive on time, but when I saw this obi i had an idea.

<3 <3 <3
It`s peacock feathers but they look like hearts I thought XD I guess quite a classy outfit in an iromuji and fukuro obi.

I guess next outfit to think about will be plum blossom viewing, I always look forward to them.
にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ アンティーク着物・リサイクル着物へ

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I done some kitsuke practice, I was trying to do it neatly rather than slap dash like usual and I was impressed with my results!

Add caption
My hashori is kinda good proportion yaaay

obi detail
Black Nagoya obi with painted flowers. I get the feeling i`m going to like that obi alot, it will go with anything really.

Because the kimono was desaturated I used vivid pink obiage and obijime to try and liven it up a bi.t, same goes with the han eri.

obi back
 Uh looks like it`s slipped a bit there. As you can see the paint for the flower design has cracked a bit but I don`t mind at all, just makes it more antique to me.

Now for some posing shots lol.

I am happy with that collar!
Well I didn`t go anywhere, but it was fun to take my time and see that I can actually wear kimono neatish when I try!

にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ アンティーク着物・リサイクル着物へ