Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 Day Event 5 Outfits

So my work had it`s 7 year anniversary, which meant a 5 day event. We`re should dress up and so I thought, rather than having to find 5 party dresses I`d just wear wafuku. Daily kimono wear, what could be better right?!!  

Monday - Day 1

This is navy blue and yellow striped kimono with orange butterfly obi. How very iki tied low obi right? Well actually because I didn`t tie the obi tight enough, it was very loose. But it looks better low right but then tightening it makes it go higher around my waist rather than hips so well it`s gonna have to be one of those things I experiment with.

 Hand made eri! I painted that with acrylics.
With my ever faithful naga bouri cos it was still cold in March!

Tuesday - Day 2

Yellow, Red and Blue striped komon, with bird motif nagoya obi. And the ever faithful pink obijime and obiage! And omg it`s sunlight!

 Oh no floppy otaiko QQ
 Never mind, Haori covers all sins!

Close up of my hand painted eri! I was too lazy to change it from yesterday lol.

Wednesday - Day 3

Well I actually didn`t have a great night after work, and I got very very inebriated. That kimono needed some attention in the morning and I rescued it.

Today is abstract black white and red flower komon with pokadot hanhaba obi.

 Red han-eri with sakura but you can`t see that.
 I went for hanhaba cos I wanted an easy night what with the hang over....ahem...

And I wore a scarf because I um forgot my haori at the bar I was drinking at last night >_> But I picked it up after work. Kind of cow pattern scarf lol.

Thursday - Day 4

I wanted to go for a `girly` kinda outfit so my most girly flowery black poly orchid kimono, I figured the easiest obi to match with it would be a white obi. Not letting up on the girlyness it`s the hot pink obiage and obijime.

 Maybe slight improvements in my otaiko as the week went on.....very slight lol.

Friday - Day 5

Omg finally. So the last day I had planned to wear my one peacock houmongi with my peacock fukuro obi but I was just like nah, I`ll wear one of my longer kimonos so dressing isn`t going to be a pain in the ass.

You can`t see the colours so well in the artificial light, it`s actually a dark blue with some kind of plant motif.

 My best otaiko!! Oh it`s an easy obi nevermind :P

Gasp not hot pink obiage!! But well blue and orange classic contrast colours.

And that`s it! By the end of the week I was wafukued out, I mean I had kimono stuff everywhere and can you imagine the folding I had to do. 

So which day does everyone like best?? 

I think I liked either Tuesday or Friday best, they both have seem kind of simple chic which is good for the party atmosphere.

But it`s been a long enough break I need to do some kitsuke soon!


  1. I especially love first and last outfits!

  2. KYAAAAA~~~
    You're suteki! And tough :D, surviving five days consecutively with kitsuke and kimono. Don't mind the aftermath though :)).
    I instantly fall in love with Monday and Thursday ensembles!