Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Shrine Visit

So the third I was to do the first shrine visit of the year with my bf. Except he over slept and we went to Tenshin San instead. Oh well, I will visit Kyoto soon on my own anyway.


First without the Haori. I had treated myself to a new kimono from a Rakuten shop called Nico Antique, I got the evening themed colour because purple is my favourite. They have some lovely stuff there, cat themed obis and kimono...will get more when I can treat myself!

I sorted the overly long ohashori before I went out ahem, I`m kinda out of practice for kitsuke.

Obi detail

Detail of the obi, also from Nico Antique. Should have worn an obi ita, oh well! I let them chose the tsukuri obi to go with the set so it was a surprise when it arrived in the mail.

The obiage and obijime were 100yen bargain bin finds. The obijime has a nice detail of coral beads. I didn`t choose komono with too strong colour because they over powered the light obi too much.

dekaeru cord

So to go out I wore a haori from Nico Antique and a vintage fur shawl. I figured stripes were a neutral motif that I could get the most use out of because I love naga haori.
zori and tabi detail

The zori with black velvet tabi, and the classy Guy Laroche bag which I discovered is actually a coutier brand! I guess the recycle shop guy didn`t know what he had there to sell it for 1000yen...

hair front
hair back

My hair set I done myself, it wasn`t too difficult. I googled taisho hair arrange and found a tutorial. My bf who is a hair dresser was even impressed and trying to work out how I done it lol. When in doubt stick a load of accessories on lol.

OTT hat love
So I went out to wait for my bf, and got bored and went to a normal accesory shop in Hankyu Umeda station, they had some good vintagey jewerly so I brought ear rings and a hat. My god I love that hat it`s so over the top lol.

The Outing
So when my bf finally made it out of bed to meet me we just went to Tenshin san, which is a famous shrine anyway and busy.

Tenshin san at New Years

Shrine maiden
The Shrine maiden was doing a dance at the time but couldn`t get good shots because of the green netting up to stop thrown coins going everywhere.

Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba

After the shrine we went to eat lunch, okonomiyaki and yakisoba. He was very hung over, he was looking so green it was hard to be mad at him for being late lol.

Mochi Stall
Mochi and Anko

We walked down the shopping street and stopped for snacks.


He had hot mochi and I had amazake. So good on a very cold day.

We walked around the very long shopping street, and I ended up doing more kimono shopping >_< I have plenty of obis at the moment but I need to build up a few more kimonos...for variety. Oh and interesting obijime >_> I got the bug again....

Chinese style donburi

We went back to Kitashinchi and to Nari-ya near Ohatsutenshin, a kind of south asian fusion cafe/izakaiya. The master is very nice and the food delicious and spicy.

Why he`s holding my handbag I don`t know.....
And that was it for the day! It wasn`t what was planned but fun non the less. New years in Japan is my favourite time of year it is very exciting with everyone with a few days off and doing traditional things.


  1. Love the outfit! I especially love the fur and the coral beads on your obijime!

    One thing you may want to try is making your obi wider, which will provide balance proportionally since you're tall, and make your ohashori look smaller.

    Overall I love the outfit; your outfits are always so chic!

  2. Thank you! That was a tsukuri obi so unfortunately couldn`t make it wider. I will remember to do that when I can, I got an obi tome clip which has made otaiko a breeze so I feel more confident with playing around with non-tsukuri obi (although I love them for convenience).

    My loyal balding fox Harry can jazz up any outfit!

  3. I love your ensemble. I like plaid/ tartan/ ichimatsu pattern, the motif isn't seasonal and can be paired with many obi and accessories. I also love your obi. You have a great eye into kimono items. The snacking time and your confession about kimono bug make me smile :).