Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well I`ve been on a kimono buying spree this month, but not too much wearing. So I decided I should at least start turning my one day off into a kitsuke day, it`s the day most of the markets are anyway.
But today I was meeting a friend for dinner so I had a good reason to dig through my pile of recent purchases.
Green and red vintage meisei kimono, with a pink and black hakata obi I brought from the tennoji branch of 135 yesterday.

Pretty simple look today, I wore a turtleneck instead of juban, it has been very cold recently.

Kinda of the back view. It`s brand new and so stiff to tie, not my nicest musubi. But I think it will go with a lot of my (mostly dark) kimonos.


With outerwear, my favourite haori and lambs wool collar. I wasn`t cold at all lol.

The kimono is far too short for me so I hiked it up and wore UGG style boots. It feels like a bit of  a fashion crime but I rode my bicycle to shinsaibashi (yes in kimono) and I know my feet will stay toasty warm.

Had delicious dinner with my friend, been so long since I`ve had dim sum.

And then after we went to a green tea specialty shop.
That tea was so strong I don`t think I`ll be sleeping any time soon lol.

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  1. Hi :D
    the kimono suits you sooo good *o*
    you where so kawaii <3

  2. Aww thankyou I`m not often called kawaii!!

  3. Cool! I think boots can go well with kimono too. And riding a bicycle with kimono, that's also cool! I don't know how to do that. And pink hakata?!? That's drool worthy O_O.