Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Street Snaps - New Years

Street Snaps
Waiting for the bf I had a few wines, and I was thinking. I had been seeing lots of people in kimono and I was like, why don`t I just say I do a blog and ask for a snap?! Of course after I decide that the amount of kimono went down lol...But I took whatever I saw, nice to see young girl`s styles.

Outside Hankyu

Kitashinchi station

Osakatengumae Station
Teshinbashisuji Shotengai. Cute fuisode!
Kitashinchi Station, uh it was windy lol.

It is cold so shawls and fur are essential as you can see! Everyone I saw looked very cute and it`s so nice to see other people wearing kimono, it`s like a special club lol.

I will definitely try to do this more, unfortunately other than new years and summer festivals seeing kimono is rare. But I guess that gives an excuse to go to Kyoto and kimono shops!


  1. Love the first lady's outfit! And yours, of course!

  2. Thank you, I feel terribly out of practice with my cords and this was the one outfit of the week I was happy with.

    The first lady`s kimono is lovely, I wonder what the obi was like. That`s the only problem with winter shawls covering every thing!

  3. Yup! The first picture immediately took my interest. I guess I'm weak into polkadot :P. The second picture remind me of christmas ensemble. You looked fabulous on the last picture. The wind added the extra effect :D.