Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Antenna @ Hanshin Umeda

I saw from a Japanese blog I follow that modern antenna was holding a fair in the Hanshin department store in Umeda this week. And Modayo-sensei seemed to be there.....and I had a dentist appointment in Umeda today, so I was like, I should check it out :D But I had to go in Kimono right!!

Hat day me thinks....

Oh wow did I mention my dentist appointment was at 10am? Slightly hot mess kitsuke, I had like half an hour to get ready, mid way I realize that this kimono is too small to dress easily but it was already at a point of no return.
Bleh haori hides alot of sins.
 mirror lets take full body shot (in the subway station...)

Yeah so I went and had fillings in kimono, I am absolutely nuts I admit it. But on the way back I stopped at the modern antenna fair!

着物で犬と散歩 :D
Modern Antenna right
This is as far as I got taking pictures cos further in was the fair and Modayo-sensei was there and I like turned into gibbering school girl all like omg I love your stuff (TOT) He is like so sweet and a little shy, so gently spoken and polite (TOT)

He asked if I have any of his kimono.............urrrrrrmmmmmm no but one day!!! He gave me one of his cards and told me to come and visit his studio one day. I was all `when I have money I`ll come and buy a kimono!!` and he softly laughs and tells me I don`t need to do that, just come and visit. So sweeeeeeet!!!

I looked around at the beautiful embroidered obis and kimonos and they are so gorgeous, the sales lady was saying I could try them on but I was like no no no cos well it`s not like I can buy any (TOT)

Then I fangirled up and asked for a picture with Modayo-sensei :D

I felt I had stayed long enough without seeming too stalkerish lol

I just checked his blog and OMG I got a mention lol.

The first half a cute [aww shucks] foriegn girl came in kimono and said "I always look at your blog!" what the- ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

"I can`t yet buy a kimono or obi but I came to meet you!" oooh happy [みんな:01] 
"I aim to buy a modern antenna kimono and obi!" etc I`m gonna cry
[みんな:02] I`m really gonna cry!

And then she looked at the kimono and obi and lastly asked `can we take a picture together?` Me?? I was really so happy.

Then an art student came and again said she couldn`t buy a kimono but she wants to one day! He was very happy people come to just meet him. Why of course he`s a very talented designer!

He finishes off with a cute story about someone having trouble deciding at shop closing time, and he said no need to decide now you can make your decision slowly and send a mail. But she came back the next day and brought an obi and he was very touched.

"... is it ok to cry??
Gambare! obi! Be loved until you`re worn out!"

Awww bless, what a sweetie, me too I want to cry (TOT)


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