Sunday, February 12, 2012


I done some kitsuke practice, I was trying to do it neatly rather than slap dash like usual and I was impressed with my results!

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My hashori is kinda good proportion yaaay

obi detail
Black Nagoya obi with painted flowers. I get the feeling i`m going to like that obi alot, it will go with anything really.

Because the kimono was desaturated I used vivid pink obiage and obijime to try and liven it up a bi.t, same goes with the han eri.

obi back
 Uh looks like it`s slipped a bit there. As you can see the paint for the flower design has cracked a bit but I don`t mind at all, just makes it more antique to me.

Now for some posing shots lol.

I am happy with that collar!
Well I didn`t go anywhere, but it was fun to take my time and see that I can actually wear kimono neatish when I try!

にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ アンティーク着物・リサイクル着物へ


  1. That obi and kimono really contribute to each other,Like Like

    1. That obi is going to go with a lot of things I think!

  2. Love your coordination, the obiage, obijime and haneri really popped out and bring the whole outfit together. Is the haneri self-made?