Friday, February 10, 2012

Trends in Modern Furisode

Been a bit of a sucky week so lets write about some happy kimono news! With the closing of the oshare kimono fair Modayo-sensei blogged the photo shoot for their new furisode designs. Furisode aren`t really my thing but I thought the mamechiyo furisode for the puzzle series and candy stripe were cool, and now modern antenna totally steals my heart with these lovely cords. So this wouldn`t just be a picture spam I`ve made myself chose just one of the outfits (ToT)

Roses in check variation (purple x yellow)
 The colour combo kills me!! And their stylist is totally awesome, I love that hair styling and accessories, very stylish and elegant.

But then a close up of the obi.

 Purple my favourite! With gold wow. All those different textures, it looks like some magical spun gold. The simpleist pattern but still so interesting to look at.

The good news is that these are the first lot, and they no longer make these obis so they are offering them as a 3 item set for under 10,000yen (they are throwing the juban in free). Bargain!.... (TOT)

Check out the rest of the designs here!

What I love about these furisode (and the iromuji style puzzle series by mamechiyo) is the design not being your typical gold and big classical patterns along the hem and sleeves brings the furisode down in formality, but the obi still gives it that gorgeous edge so it`s not just a komon with long sleeves.  I could imagine wearing this as a houmongi level of formality, to a nice party (it is polyester, spills no problem! XD) etc, so you`d get a lot more wear out of it. That`s my problem with furisode, spending alot of money on something you only get occasion to wear a few times in your life. The maturity of the pattern also makes it more wearable for the over 21s.

Since the kimono design already breaks all the rules, you can break the rules on wearing it!

What do you think of the trend with modern designers making these less formal furisode?

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  1. I covet that kimonooooo O_O.
    Ditto! Definitely wearable for over marriage age or even 30s!
    In my opinion, with the trend of modern design nowadays, Japanese people (especially) and people in love with kimono (generally) will be encouraged to wear kimono more frequently with looser constraint. This will be such inspiration for many people. Kimono business won't be withering and the culture can be maintained.