Wednesday, February 8, 2012

節分の着物 (Setsubun Kimono)

Oni >:D
So last Friday was setsubun, the Japanese festival where everyone throws beans to drive out oni and bring in good luck. Everyone knows about the geisha and kabuki events during this day, but what about the hostesses?

Well Osaka Kitashinchi hostesses are not to be out done on setsubun,They have water dipping festival to drive out bad luck for business, with a big parade where the hostesses dress in maiko/geisha/orian/cosplay henshin, lead by the Kitashinchi queens.

Kitashinchi Queens
Unfortunately I had to work that evening and was late getting to kitashinchi, and just as I gout out the station I was being passed by the chinese dragon and I had missed the girls.

But I found a video of last years parade.

Also some hostesses will dress for the occasion as well in henshin, with their hair and kimono set at salons like this! For 25000yen for one nights rental/set, plus 25000yen deposit o_o

Offering body paint service for female yakuza outfit!
Even tissues advertising costume rental
I was in a rush and my pictures of the hostesses going to work sucked, how annoying. Please excuse the blurryness/hostess death glares.

This is all I saw of the parade D:

Anyway some much better professional photos of the parade from this years parade here.

I tried to do an oni inspired kimono cord, but I didn`t really have enough time to put into it so I wasn`t too happy with it.

Hair accessory close up

You don`t know how hard I had to look to find little oni/lucky old lady masks! But I also found one with a little hand drum too so I had fun playing with it lol.

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